At FINTRAIL we recognise that not everyone is an anti-financial crime compliance expert and in many cases compliance is rarely a key client proposition. However, when operating in a regulated and trust based industry, compliance can be a key differentiator in a competitive market so it is vital to ensure that you consider anti-financial crime compliance obligations and establish effective, sustainable and customer focused controls. Our expert team are there to take on that challenge for you, by working with you to scope and set-up a risk-based and compliant anti-financial crime compliance framework that supports your commercial aspirations:

  • Our team of industry experts work with you to define the scope of the compliance and anti-financial crime requirements in your business model, drawing on our unique insights on the risks across disruptive financial services
  • Using their experience and industry coverage, our experts save you time, effort and cost by identifying your requirements and then helping you source and deploy best-in-class regulatory technology (RegTech) from a sometimes overwhelming spectrum of available suppliers across; Know-Your-Customer (KYC), customer risk assessment, Sanctions and PEP screening, transaction monitoring and transaction sanctions screening, operational workflow and customer life-cycle providers
  • Our team work with you to define and produce robust and compliant policies and operational procedures that will form the bedrock of your anti-financial crime compliance infrastructure
  • Our Compliance Hub provides you with interim operational compliance support to process tasks such as KYC/customer due diligence/enhanced due diligence, PEP and sanctions alert reviews, transaction monitoring alert reviews and drafting suspicious activity reports (SARs). The Hub supports you at critical points of your journey, removing uncertainty and pressure at key milestones, allowing you to focus on your customers and business:

Launching the business

Launching new products or features

Rapid growth or customer acquisition

Expansion to new markets

Weekends or holiday periods

People challenges

Increase in criminal activity

  • Our experienced team then work with you to map your current, near and long term people requirements and then help you source the right talent and ensure they are trained, effective and ready for when you need them


As you scale your business we are there with you, we will remove the uncertainty associated with complex global anti-financial crime compliance obligations and allow you to focus on your core business proposition.

  • Our team provide you with expert guidance and compliance support for expansion or entry to new markets such as the United States, Europe and Asia. We will tell you what the risks are, what you will need to do to manage them effectively and we help you execute the plan in a safe and compliant way
  • It you are scoping new products or features, our experienced team will identify the risks associated with the new products or features and will then work with you to define risk-based and customer-centric anti-financial crime controls to facilitate the launch
  • Via our Compliance Hub we provide operational compliance capacity to smooth the bumps that can come from the spikes in activity often associated with the launch of a new product, feature or expansion to new markets.


It is a core requirement of global anti-financial crime compliance regulations that firms continue to monitor the effectiveness of their control infrastructure and make enhancements where warranted. In a trusted-based and heavily regulated industry, it is also important to ensure that you can evidence to your investors, partners and customers that you are meeting your obligations and that your anti-financial crime controls are effective. This is especially important where you may be operating near the edge of regulatory permissions or your partner’s (such as banks) risk appetite.

  • Our team are recognised industry experts on the disruptive financial services/FinTech sector and as such are well placed to provide authoritative and considered judgment on the effectiveness of anti-financial crime compliance frameworks
  • Our experienced team provide clients with a range of oversight and assurance services across the business (first line of defense) and compliance (second line of defense), to ensure that key controls and frameworks are working as designed and are effective
  • Our experts will conduct deep-dive thematic reviews on a specific topics or test technical controls such as KYC/CDD or PEP/Sanctions screening solutions, to verify efficacy and opportunity for enhancement both in terms of performance and efficiency
  • As recognised experts our team are often engaged to complete independent AML and anti-financial crime compliance audits to meet regulatory, partner and/or investor requirements. These are completed following FINTRAIL’s unique methodology that has been developed through our experience of working across a large range of FinTech and the the technologies applied


When you or a stakeholder identify something is not quite working correctly or you have an issue such as a regulatory breach, major compliance backlogs, poor audit results or major instance of financial crime our team are there to support you through the process.

  • Our team are experienced at supporting clients through anti-financial crime challenges or crises. Our multidisciplinary team are able to offer you counsel, leadership and flexible capacity to respond to the issue at large.
  • Our team will investigate the root cause of an issue, provide objective and expert opinion and recommend achievable and well constructed solutions.
  • Our Compliance Hub can provide you with interim capacity to clear backlogs and our expert investigators can conduct detailed analysis on financial crime issues.