The FinTech FinCrime Exchange delivered an immersive experience that offered attendees the opportunity to engage with survivors of criminal activity, bringing to life the real cost of financial crime and connecting delegates to why their work matters. 

Industry experts, including CEOs from some of the world’s leading FinTechs, shared their insights and experiences, providing actionable takeaways and practical solutions to empower delegates to thrive.

The conference brought together a vibrant international community of FinTechs, creating an interactive platform that encouraged collaboration and the discussion of best practices, actively enhancing the resilience of the industry.

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What the attendee’s said…..

“I really enjoyed it. It was good to see the bigger picture and the reason we do our jobs as it's easy to get bogged down in the day to day. It was good to see the challenges other companies face. I enjoyed seeing lots of familiar faces from the FFE.” Alison Moore, FinCrime Manager, Curve

“I thought it was much more engaging than most Fincrime conferences. In particular, hearing about fincrime from different angles was very interesting.” Natasha Vernier, Head of Financial Crime, Monzo

“A gathering of likeminded individuals trying to make the world a better place. A great event showcasing that the FinTech sector takes fight against financial crime very seriously. Not because of its legal or regulatory obligation but because it is the right thing to do!” Greg Wlodarczyk, MRLO, Satispay

“Fast paced, insightful, enlightening, interesting and well balanced.” Phil Rolfe, Director of Financial Crime, P2 Consulting

“It was very informative and very interesting. There were key take aways in how we can run our business better and how we actually have so many other resources that we can use to tackle financial crime.” Sabrina Satti, FinCrime Analyst, Loot

“FFECON18 was great, there was clearly a ton of knowledge in the room. Amazing to see so many passionate professionals seeking for even more knowledge.” Jurgita Katkevice, AML Compliance & Fraud Prevention  Manager, TransferGo

“Sharp, enthusiastic speakers. Thoughtful range of topics. Collegiality in the commitment to crime.” Alix Boberg, Supervising Associate, Simmons & Simmons

“I found the conference to be relevant and I enjoyed networking with people from just the FinTech industry, exchanging views and advice, great insight into how other companies do things and at the beginning of the conference we were reminded as to why we do our jobs and why it's important.” Sadia Ghafoor, Senior AML Analyst. Tandem Bank

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