The Consultant’s role is to build and drive FINTRAIL’s business forward. This is achieved through the completion of significant client projects focused on anti-financial crime and compliance, from inception through to delivery and future relationship management. Additionally the Consultant will support FINTRAIL’s overall strategic objectives that take into account the prevailing market conditions, in which FINTRAIL operates, and the opportunities presented to us.

Additionally, the Consultant will be required to develop and maintain a suitable network of best-in-class suppliers, systems and tools to enable them to achieve the objectives of the role. Where possible the Consultant will also identify, lead and deliver internal projects to improve FINTRAIL’s policies, procedures and processes around internal and external tasks.

Finally, the Consultant will always demonstrate and be held to the highest ethical standards and levels of transparency to ensure that we continue to build a reputable and sustainable business.


To achieve the above, the objectives for the Consultant in 2019 are to:

  • Complete significant client projects through the full client lifecycle, from business   acquisition to project completion and ongoing relationship management

  • Execute key elements of the strategic plan and identify new opportunities to enhance the strategy as it evolves

  • Acquire new relationships and maintain existing relationships with partners, suppliers and clients

  • When required, develop, encourage and grow FINTRAIL staff through appropriate training, guidance, mentorship and practical direction setting

  • Attend relevant industry fora, speaking publicly when required

  • Maintain an appropriate and focused profile on personal and corporate social media accounts

  • Communicate with the team and with clients in an open and transparent manner

  • Ensure that FINTRAIL accepts reputable client commissions and that conflicts do not   arise, or are appropriately managed if they unavoidably exist

  • Continue to develop professionally through the completion of relevant courses

To apply please submit your CV and a short covering note explaining why you are interested in working with us by clicking on the link below.