Consultancy & Advisory

The team at FINTRAIL are all experienced financial crime compliance consultants, advisors and mentors who deliver risk-based, creative and transformative solutions that are compliant with regulations but also reflect clients' commercial and technical aspirations. Our team are leading the charge in innovation, applying technology in new ways and constantly seeking better ways to combat the risk of financial crime. 

Intelligent Solutions

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Strong Foundations

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Assurance and Audit

Assessing the proportionality and performance of financial crime risk management frameworks against international regulatory standards, stakeholder requirements and known risks is crucial to building trust and protecting customers. 

The team at FINTRAIL is highly experienced at executing independent assurance and audit reviews for regulated financial service businesses and can complete full-spectrum reviews or targeted assessments of a specific risk area, as well as testing and evaluation of control systems, third party providers and partners.

Navigating Complexity

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Trust Driving Growth

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Financial Intelligence & Investigations

Rapidly evolving financial crime requires the ability to react to events as they happen while also getting ahead of the next threat. At FINTRAIL, we address both areas through our Investigations and Intelligence practice. 

Our Intelligence service helps clients better appreciate misunderstood or previously unidentified issues and give confidence to future risk management decision making. We get our clients ahead of the curve by identifying risks associated with their clients and operations, by spotting new and evolving typologies and advising how to counter them, and through thematic, data-driven, reviews of client portfolios, sectors, products and geographies.

FINTRAIL’s Investigative service provides a timely and proportionate response to financial crime-related triggers. By deploying advanced analytical and data discovery tools we conduct complex network analyses and deep-dive reviews to get to the root cause of the problem, eliminate the immediate risk, establish improved controls and make recommendations for future safeguarding.

Fraud Networks

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Complex Casework

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Transactional Analysis

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Training & Mentoring

FINTRAIL's financial crime risk management training and mentoring services are focused on providing clients with access to deep domain expertise and practical real-world experience in order to build knowledge, develop and refine technical skills. FINTRAIL provides a range of training solutions for clients from off-the-shelf solutions delivered in interactive formats to bespoke technical training packages.

FinTechs as Customers

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AML for FinTech

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