Our team is the heart of what we do.

Gemma Rogers (Co-Founder)

Gemma has a passion for changing the terms of debate around financial crime risk management, debunking the lethargic tick-box concepts of old and focusing on intelligent, inclusive and business-focused solutions. Drawing on her wealth of experience across disruptive services, international banking and the public sector, Gemma brings clients deep domain knowledge of financial crime risks, as well as an ability to execute intelligent frameworks across both emerging platforms and established financial services. 

Robert Evans (Co-Founder)

Robert exploits his knowledge of and experiences within developing and high risk economies, institutional banking and financial services to help FinTech clients design, execute and assure financial crime compliance objectives driven from a business and customer-centric perspective. As co-founder of FINTRAIL, Robert is a leading authority on financial crime compliance within the FinTech community and is responsible for the execution of financial crime compliance projects for FinTech clients in Europe, US and Asia. He is the co-author of the ACAMS "AML for FinTech” courses and co-established the FinTech FinCrime Exchange (FFE), a free members network operating globally.

Martin Wallis

Martin is a naturally curious problem solver who relishes the professional challenges that the fight against global financial crime creates. With a focus on supporting the FinTech sector, he combines his industry knowledge with deep domain expertise in national intelligence to help provide practical solutions to the risks facing the sector. As the Head of Operations, he is also focused on scaling FINTRAIL across the US, Europe and Asia.

James Nurse

James has spent the last 10 years working in the regulated financial sector. Having held first and second line roles in the gambling, prepaid card and money transfer industries, James brings a wealth of experience from the fast moving Fintech space. James blends his knowledge of financial crime prevention with an understanding of how technology can support exciting growth in the Fintech sector while managing the risks posed by the ever-more innovative criminal schemes we see today.

Ishima Romain

Ishima brings a unique perspective to financial crime with a foundation in Law and Banking. She understands the vulnerabilities and responsibilities of FINTRAIL’s clients, the financial community and law enforcement; and of course, she has great insight into the criminal mind. With expertise in PEPs/Sanctions, SARs and Transaction Monitoring, her research and project coordination skills are being adapted and applied across a range of exciting financial crime compliance projects. Ishima also coordinates the monthly UK and US FinTech Financial Crime Exchange (FFE) and the 80+ active members.

Meredith Beeston

Meredith thrives on analytically unpacking the complexities of financial crime typologies, international regulation and innovative controls. Meredith’s academic research and public sector background have added to her ability to take an intelligence-led approach to financial crime risk management that is data-driven and tailored specifically to each of our FinTech client’s needs. Every day Meredith strives to give our clients a better understanding of the constantly-evolving financial crime landscape and make sure they are best protected against emerging and pervasive threats.

Greg Wlodarczyk

Greg represents a new breed of compliance and anti-financial crime professional, combining an IT background with a deep understanding of international anti-financial crime regulation and more importantly - how you turn it into effective customer-centric operations. Throughout his career he has managed teams as well as designed and overseen processes in first and second lines of defence working in variety of sectors including money service businesses, international money transfers and electronic money institutions.

Payal BW.jpg

Payal Patel

Payal combines her legal education and extensive compliance experience to build 'best-in-class' anti-financial crime programmes for clients and is focused on enabling innovative business whilst balancing risk and regulatory demands. She brings over 14 years of experience in financial services across multiple regions, focusing recently on FinTech and crypto. She has led engagements with regulators on new business models and has worked with a wide range of organisations globally on international best practices. Payal leads the FINTRAIL business in Asia.

Rachel Clark BW.jpg

Rachel Clark

Rachel has an enthusiasm for helping the FinTech community thrive, while also wanting to ensure it is protected from financial crime. She also has a passion for ensuring inclusivity in the financial industry and protecting vulnerable clients from the risks that come with the ever-changing landscape of this sector. Her experience growing within a financial crime team, in an e-money institution, has supported her development in identifying typologies, risks and managing these threats with effective controls


Martin Yong

Martin is a creative director and designer with a specialism in branding and User Experience. Martin has worked across interiors, exhibitions, product, packaging, graphic and digital design for global brands, all with a strong focus on communicating brand stories and great brand experiences. Martin has led projects across all of these disciplines from insight and strategy to delivery. 


John-Paul Eaton

John-Paul is a creative multipotentialite intrigued by anti-financial crime, who has discovered a purpose in blending his unique skill-set to create immersive and engaging environments to educate and connect industry professionals.  John-Paul is excited to serve both the FINTRAIL and FFE communities as Global Community Director, by building long-term partnerships and curating memorable experiences that the communities will want to share with the anti-financial crime world!

Lauren Vincent

Lauren has had a lifelong interest in the world of crime and deviance, taking her to pursue a degree in crime and policing, with specific interest in Human Trafficking. Combining these Lauren hopes to help reduce the rate of financial crime and bring awareness to the issues behind them. She is excited to be on the ‘front line’ of prevention and stopping those who wish to take advantage of others. Lauren hopes that through her work with the FFE she will be able to get more people involved in the anti-financial crime world, and also build upon her own knowledge on the way.