Our team is the heart of what we do.

Gemma Rogers (Co-Founder)

Gemma has a passion for changing the terms of debate around financial crime risk management, debunking the lethargic tick-box concepts of old and focusing on intelligent, inclusive and business-focused solutions. Drawing on her wealth of experience across disruptive services, international banking and the public sector, Gemma brings clients deep domain knowledge of financial crime risks, as well as an ability to execute intelligent frameworks across both emerging platforms and established financial services. 

Robert Evans (Co-Founder)

Robert has witnessed first hand the negative impacts that a breakdown in trust creates for business, clients and regulators. He is passionate that intelligent and business-focused financial crime risk management is critical in establishing trust and driving forward commercial opportunity. He exploits his knowledge of and experiences within developing and high risk economies, institutional banking, disruptive services and the public sector to help clients design and execute financial crime compliance objectives driven from a business and first line of defence perspective.

Rebecca Marriott

Rebecca joined the team to bring disruptors a proactive, intelligent and fresh approach to financial crime risk management. As an experienced consultant with deep analytical experience within global banking as a financial crime intelligence analyst, Rebecca has unique insight into the world of illicit money flows and their negative impact on communities. Rebecca applies her enthusiasm and technical knowledge of financial crime compliance to help clients from across disruptive and established financial services develop intelligent solutions and surface exciting opportunities. 

Mark Batts

Mark has more than 35 years experience of working with international banks and has witnessed the pace of disruption and regulatory change over the years. His experience has encompassed regulatory change management driven from a first line of defence perspective, restructuring, repositioning and managing different bank business lines. Mark has expert knowledge of banking sectors in many countries including the developing economies working with both financial institutions and corporate clients. His current focus is working with financial institution clients to develop intelligent and proportionate correspondent banking risk controls.

Laurence Twelvetrees

Laurence is a highly accomplished and creative financial crime compliance specialist, who not only understands how crime impacts a business, customers and stakeholders, but how intelligent risk management can create exciting opportunities. Laurence brings our clients a wealth of knowledge and expertise, especially in fast growing and dynamic FinTech environment. His recent experience at Revolut as the Head of Risk and Compliance and prior to that at WeSwap, demonstrates Laurence's ability to apply his knowledge to a rapidly growing business and provide clients with unique insight on the risk and opportunities they face.

David Carlisle

David is a highly experienced financial crime compliance consultant, who has been working with clients across regulated industries after a number of years with the US Treasury and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). He brings our clients deep domain expertise and the ability to deliver creative solutions across global sanctions compliance, financial crime, crypto-currencies, disruptive finance and traditional financial institutions. 

Ishima Romain

Ishima brings her experiences in law and banking to FINTRAIL clients' across regulated financial services. Her research, analytical and project coordination skills are being applied across a range of exciting financial intelligence and financial crime compliance advisory projects. Ishima also coordinates the monthly UK FinTech Financial Crime Exchange (FFE) and the 35+ active members. 

Meredith Beeston

Meredith's strong research and analytical skills gained through her previous academic and commercial roles are being applied across a range of exciting financial intelligence and financial crime compliance advisory projects for clients spanning the spectrum of financial services. Her recent Master's dissertation "The Mechanics of Giving: How Diasporas Send Remittances and Support Insurgencies" is highly relevant to FinTech and its role in financial inclusion.

Nick Herrod

Nick brings an exceptional pedigree to the experienced team at FINTRAIL after completing a range of public and private sector roles, culminating at HSBC where he was responsible for overseeing a significant global portfolio of complex, networked financial investigations. Coupled with ten years of public sector experience working in security and intelligence, Nick is well positioned to understand the needs of FINTRAIL’s clients and ensure delivery of a suite of capabilities and solutions to mitigate financial crime or reputational risk.