Our team is the heart of what we do.

Gemma Rogers (Co-Founder)

Gemma has a passion for changing the terms of debate around financial crime risk management, debunking the lethargic tick-box concepts of old and focusing on intelligent, inclusive and business-focused solutions. Drawing on her wealth of experience across disruptive services, international banking and the public sector, Gemma brings clients deep domain knowledge of financial crime risks, as well as an ability to execute intelligent frameworks across both emerging platforms and established financial services. 

Robert Evans (Co-Founder)

Robert has witnessed first hand the negative impacts that a breakdown in trust creates for business, clients and regulators. He is passionate that intelligent and business-focused financial crime risk management is critical in establishing trust and driving forward commercial opportunity. He exploits his knowledge of and experiences within developing and high risk economies, institutional banking, disruptive services and the public sector to help clients design and execute financial crime compliance objectives driven from a business and first line of defence perspective.

James Nurse

James has spent the last 10 years working in the regulated financial sector. Having held first and second line roles in the gambling, prepaid card and money transfer industries, James brings a wealth of experience from the fast moving Fintech space. James blends his knowledge of financial crime prevention with an understanding of how technology can support exciting growth in the Fintech sector while managing the risks posed by the ever-more innovative criminal schemes we see today

Matthew Redhead

Matthew is a financial crime risk and intelligence specialist, who has undertaken a range of senior operational, change management and leadership roles in financial services, consultancy and government. He works with FinTechs and challengers to build responsive and smart compliance frameworks that encourage innovation whilst minimising risk. 


Ishima Romain

Ishima brings her experiences in law and banking to FINTRAIL clients' across regulated financial services. Her research, analytical and project coordination skills are being applied across a range of exciting financial crime compliance advisory projects. Ishima also coordinates the monthly UK FinTech Financial Crime Exchange (FFE) and the 35+ active members. 

Meredith Beeston

Meredith thrives on analytically unpacking the complexities of financial crime typologies, international regulation and innovative controls. Meredith’s academic research and public sector background have added to her ability to take an intelligence-led approach to financial crime risk management that is data-driven and tailored specifically to each of our FinTech client’s needs. Every day Meredith strives to give our clients a better understanding of the constantly-evolving financial crime landscape and make sure they are best protected against emerging and pervasive threats.

Emma Parry

Emma has held a broad range of senior global roles within investment banking spanning business management, regulatory change, client relationship management alongside risk, control and governance.  She has also gained valuable insights from roles in the Public sector coupled with time as a management consultant.  More recently, Emma has been focused on the application of emerging technologies within financial services and payments, leveraging her knowledge and experience to help clients overcome complex issues.


Martin Yong

Martin is a creative director and designer with a specialism in branding and User Experience. Martin has worked across interiors, exhibitions, product, packaging, graphic and digital design for global brands, all with a strong focus on communicating brand stories and great brand experiences. Martin has led projects across all of these disciplines from insight and strategy to delivery. 


John-Paul Eaton

John-Paul is a creative multipotentialite intrigued by anti-financial crime, who has discovered a purpose in blending his unique skill-set to create immersive and engaging environments to educate and connect industry professionals.  John-Paul is excited to serve both the FINTRAIL and FFE communities as Global Community Director, by building long-term partnerships and curating memorable experiences that the communities will want to share with the anti-financial crime world!