FinTech FinCrime Exchange (FFE)

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The FinTech FinCrime Exchange (FFE) brings together a global network of FinTechs to collaborate on best practices in financial crime risk management.  By sharing information on criminal typologies and controls, FFE members help to strengthen the sector’s ability to detect and counter the global threat of financial crime, including money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery and corruption and tax evasion.

The FFE was established in January 2017 by FINTRAIL and the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), and its members meet monthly to discuss these topics and share information and insight on an ongoing basis. The FFE produces quarterly white papers on financial crime topics relevant to its members and stakeholders in law enforcement, the government and the financial services sector.

The global scope of financial crime and the shared threats faced by all major FinTech hubs particularly underscore the need for a global FFE network, which will give its members not only a trusted place to exchange information, but also access to an increasingly far-reaching network of resources and perspectives.


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The UK FinTech FinCrime Exchange (FFE UK) brings together 66 of the UK's leading FinTechs to collaborate on best practices in financial crime risk management.

As the UK continues to lead the global FinTech revolution, FFE members are taking a proactive and robust stance against financial crime and the negative impact it can have on customers, communities and the financial services industry.


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The FFE NL is a local network connecting the Dutch FinTechs to enable the sharing of information and typologies.  The launch of the FFE NL also marks the FFE’s first step toward global expansion and the development of an international, interconnected network for financial crime information sharing.

If you would like to join the FFE NL please get in touch through the ‘Register Interest’ tab below. 



The FFE USA is an industry network connecting US FinTechs and global peers, to enable the sharing of information and typologies. The launch of the FFE USA is a significant moment, connecting US based FinTech with their peer network already operating in Europe in the fight against financial crime. With an initial launch in New York City during November 2018, the FFE will be rolling out to the major FinTech hubs across the US through out early 2019.

If you would like to join the FFE USA network please get in touch through the ‘Register Interest’ button directly below.

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We are expanding the FFE network to other FinTech hubs.  Please get in touch if you are interested in joining an FFE in your country. 


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As part of the exciting growth of the global FFE network, the FFE UK is very excited to be partnering with the Regulatory DataCorp (RDC) as our sponsor. RDC has been a strong advocate of the FFE concept since its launch and this partnership demonstrates RDC's ongoing commitment to the FinTech community in the UK and is recognition that effectively fighting financial crime requires a cohesive and collaborative response. The FFE looks forward to working in partnership with RDC as we continue to invest in the UK network, ensuring the FFE remains accessible and relevant for all members.

RDC, the Smarter Screening TM company, delivers real-time compliance screening with accuracy, speed and efficiency, allowing financial technology organisations to identify banned/suspect entities, strengthen fraud protection and protect their brand equity. With the world’s largest open source risk-relevant database, RDC provides AML/KYC compliance; Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) protection; emerging market intelligence; corruption, fraud and crime protection; and vendor screening and monitoring to a wide range of clients worldwide. Learn more about RDC by visiting


The FFE is proud to have signed up to the FinTech Parity Pledge to ensure we continue to have parity in our speakers! The great news is we already have an almost 50/50 split between male and female speakers, but we're keen to do our bit to encourage this and promote diversity in FinTech.

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