At FINTRAIL we support our clients as they navigate their journey, from the frenetic excitement of an embryonic start-up to the challenges of an established part of the financial ecosystem. FINTRAIL provides our clients with access to a new, agile and energetic form of financial crime risk management. This requires a different approach, one that is not simply a box-ticking compliance process or a regulatory burden, but one that puts commerciality and intelligent risk management at its core, and something we believe is vital to businesses of any size. 




At FINTRAIL we help our clients build effective, sustainable and customer-focussed anti-financial crime controls, which support their commercial aspirations.


Through our consultancy services and operational Compliance Hub facility, at FINTRAIL we help our clients to manage their financial crime compliance requirements during periods of growth, new product launches and spikes in suspected criminal activity.  


We help our clients assess and monitor the effectiveness of their anti-financial crime infrastructure, highlighting areas of efficiency gain, as well as providing guidance on regulatory compliance enhancements, giving firms the confidence they need to proceed with new and exciting product or geographical developments.


At FINTRAIL we support our clients through some of the toughest times: whether it involves a regulatory breach, major operational backlogs, poor audit reports, or major internal or external instances of financial crime, we are here to help.