2020 The Future of Financial Crime - MISC Journal

The past century has seen a huge shift in the financial services landscape – from the growth of retail banking (as we know it) in the late 1800s; to Diners Club developing the first credit card in 1950; and the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention of Bitcoin, the world’s first fully virtual currency, in 2008. The evolution in financial services has been complemented by the rapid development of enabling technology, the internet, a huge growth in connectivity, and the successful emergence of mobile and flexible payment channels. Collectively, these exciting developments are opening up financial services to new markets and users, as well as offering customers better value and more choice. With such developments – which are often rapid and occasionally chaotic – the risks and opportunities for both legitimate consumers and financial criminals have evolved and expanded. This article produced by the team at FINTRAIL explores the future of financial crime, its evolution and likely impact on the financial services industry as we move towards 2020.